How to register death of a person

You get application forum for free from panchayat.  You should submit this forum to panchayath in twenty one days of death. You can’t apply if the death happens outside the panchayth . There is no fees for this registration. If you apply after thirty days, you shoud pay two rupees as fine. You will get this certificate in seven days of your application.
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How to register a new born birth

To apply birth registration you will get application forum total free from panchayat.  you should apply for this in twenty one days of new born. Only birth inside the panchayath will accept. Registration is free in twenty one days of new birth. After twenty one days you should pay a small fess of two rupees.  You will get birth certificate in seven days
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How to get pention

All person above sixty years can apply for this pension.  Only people those who has below one lakh annual income can apply for this .  They should be stay in Kerala atleast three years. They needn’t pay any fees.  You should submit birth certificate to prove your age. You should also bring a copy of your ration card and details of your assets. If you are eligible for the pension, you will...

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How to renew permit

To renew permit, you should apply in a white paper including five rupees court fee stamp. You need to bring present permit and plan. You should apply in one year from the due date. You should submit tax receipt. You should pay fifty percentage of  permit fees. You hve to wate only three days for getting this certificate.
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How to get non cremiliar certificate

This certificate allows OBC category. Applicants should not have above five hectors of lands. They will check income status of applicant’s parents to give this certificate. You should apply using certain application forum. You should submit proof of income and salary certificate. This certificate will get from village officer or tahazildar.
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How to get nativity/Resident certificate

You should submit application to the village officer with five rupees stamp. Keralities and their children will get native certificate from the village officer. Others will receive residential certificate. Nativity /domicile certificate is provided by the additional District Magistrate to defense. All documents are must to get this certificate. You will get this certificate maximum five days from...

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How to get possession,certificate

This is a document  to prove the possession of the earth. You should submit Application in the prescribed format.  You should submit all documents including deed, title deed, tax receipts and possession. h It will allow you after the test.Maximum seven days need.
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How to get valuevation or solvancy certificate

Five million will be raised up to the Village Officer.  You should submit original deed, title deed, tax receipts and  Documents to prove the ownership of the Property. You will get certificate After conducting an investigation.They need  maximum of 15 days.
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How to get family membership/leagal heirship certificate

This certificate is given to a person to determine his next heirs after ones death. You should submit aplication to the village officer with five rupees stamp. You should submit death certificate.It will take a statement from the two neighbors.  They will Conduct a detailed investigation. The inquiry report was sent  from the Village Officer to the Thahazildar. Legal certificate issued by the Tehsildar...

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How to get income certificate

You should submit aplication including 5 rupees court fees stamp.  You should submit ration card and proof of income.  Youj will get certificate On the basis of the investigation conducted to provide a certificate from the Village Officer.maximum of 6 days. SC and ST cast need not stick stamp.
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